Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No matter where you are I hope that you started the year off right and that 2008 is a fabulously awesome year for you and your family.
Hugs and blessings to you and here are a few of my favorite Christmas pictures.
Christmas sing-a-long with our dearest family friends.

Miles opening his gifts Christmas morning.

It took Langston a minute to get into the whole "gift thing" on Christmas morning but he quickly got the hang of things.

Me kissing me sweet baby boy.

DH took a pic of me and my Christmas tree -- can I say that I love my tree!

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Nat said...

This looks like a very merry christmas!!! Wishing you a wonderful new year 2008!!!! Hugs from Germany ;-)