Thursday, December 20, 2007

Come scrap with me!!!

Are you feeling stressed out? Do you still have more christmas shopping to do? Stop worrying and get scrapping. There is nothing like a little scrapbooking break to shake off the stress. This weekend and all winter long you can find me at my local scrapbooking store -- the Ashburn Family Scrapbooking Store -- so stop by and check out all the fun. I am hosting Happy Hour at the Creative Cafe and teaching 2008 Calendar classes in January.

OMG....I have some exciting news!!!!!

I'm thrilled thrilled thrilled!!! I was chosen as an All Moments Remembered DT finalist! I am doing a "happy dance" because this is such exciting news. There are 8 other finalists and all of the women are tremendously talented. AMR will choose 2 DT members from the 9 finalist – so I will have to wait (wait…OMG) to find out if I make the final cut. The storeowner, Stacey, is redesigning her store and the new site will be unveiled on December 27th so be sure to check it out.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I am grading papers. Big....big stacks of papers. I refuse to go to bed tonight until I finish -- and I am almost there. I needed a brake so I thought I would catch-up on some blogging and post my most recent CHIT CHAT CHALLENGE page. Come join the fun over at CHIT CHAT CHALLENGE. This week's pages are not due until Friday and the RAK is simply awesome!

The page above and the one below uses some great old photos. I scored them when my mom and dad came to visit recently for Thanksgiving. My dad (very graciously) brought the old family photo albums to share with me. OH MY GOODNESS -- there is so much goodness in the old albums. You will be seeing many more old photos over the next few months because I will not be able to help myself. Each one brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood.

Thanks for visiting me and I will be a better blogger during my winter break. I do not go back to school until after MLK day. YEA YEA YEA!!!!
Sending you a big hug.....

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Some of my (most recent) favorite pages

I have not had a lot of time to scrap lately but what I have created has been very heartfelt. Although I am sometimes rushed, I always find such peace in the stolen moments that I have to create my pages. I do love to create. they are and thanks for looking.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our first snow!!!!

I have been a really really bad blogger. Too many things on my plate these days. But there is nothing like a first snow to put a smile on my face. The kids did not get out of school today (can not figure out why the county did not cancel classes) so they had to wait until after school to play in the snow. The boys had a blast sledding down the hill in our back yard. The very hill that their father is foolishly determined to grow grass on. This is the first time Langston has been big enough to sled alone and wow his laugh was priceless. So, despite the pile of exams and papers that I have to grade -- I enjoyed the afternoon with my sons -- and I have no regrets.