Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our first snow!!!!

I have been a really really bad blogger. Too many things on my plate these days. But there is nothing like a first snow to put a smile on my face. The kids did not get out of school today (can not figure out why the county did not cancel classes) so they had to wait until after school to play in the snow. The boys had a blast sledding down the hill in our back yard. The very hill that their father is foolishly determined to grow grass on. This is the first time Langston has been big enough to sled alone and wow his laugh was priceless. So, despite the pile of exams and papers that I have to grade -- I enjoyed the afternoon with my sons -- and I have no regrets.


Kim said...

SO glad you enjoyed the snow with your boys! That is what it is all about.

Anne Marie said...

Wendy,I just wanted to wish you a big CONGRATS on being AMR DT finalist! I saw your name listed on Heather's blog. These snow pictures are precious! He is so adorable. Good luck!