Monday, June 29, 2009

I love my SISters at ScrapinStyleTV!!!!!!!!!!!

I just returned from Tennessee and I had the most fabulous time at SISLIVE09! So much laughter that my sides ache. Everyone was simply splendid and I am so glad that I went this year. Below is a short vid I took on Saturday night when it was very late and most normal people had gone to bed. Enjoy the silly pics, too!

LOVE to all!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It has been so longggggggggggg

You have no has been so long since I created a scrapbook layout. But no worries because although I have not scrapbooked in a very LONG time I have been very CREATIVE. I have been busy creating......mix-media art pieces. Yep, I have been painting and having a total blast. Here are my first pieces.

This final piece is not complete. Several days ago I created the background but have not yet been inspired to paint an image on it. I will wait until the inspiration HITS ME. I am learning patience along my creative journey. It is a WONDERFUL thing!