Thursday, June 11, 2009

It has been so longggggggggggg

You have no has been so long since I created a scrapbook layout. But no worries because although I have not scrapbooked in a very LONG time I have been very CREATIVE. I have been busy creating......mix-media art pieces. Yep, I have been painting and having a total blast. Here are my first pieces.

This final piece is not complete. Several days ago I created the background but have not yet been inspired to paint an image on it. I will wait until the inspiration HITS ME. I am learning patience along my creative journey. It is a WONDERFUL thing!


Pegasus said...

Love your artwork...fantastic colors!! I also love that family photo as your banner!! Real cute!

Anonymous said...

Those are fantastic pieces of art!! I havent done a layout forever either, I think it was actually March!! Ooops, I cleaned of my table today so I think it's time for me to get back to it!

*kim* said...

so good to see you post! I totally dig those art pieces! you never cease to amaze woman. :)
cannot wait to see more.

nanakin1 said...

Your artwork is so good. I love the way you use color.
Nancy (nanakin1)

A Stamper's Journey said...

I love your paintings. Just beautiful! You are awesome! I wish I could paint like that.