Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Good Wednesday Morning!!!

I have made myself a "to do" list and feel energized about getting it all done. Today I need to get an oil change, mail off birthday thank you letters, finish reading two books before class, meet with graduate students, return printer, wash a load of clothes (the boys are out of jeans), and and .....well, that is it. I know it may be a busy day but today I will also try to be STILL and SILENT at least once. The STILL part is not that hard for me but the SILENT part is. I know it is not just about being vocally SILENT but having silence in my mind. It is challenging to take a least a moment and not think about my "to do" list, not think about the fascinating information that I learned in the books I am reading, and not think about the boys at school. Finding SILENCE in my mind is not easy but I am going to give it a try. I think I am most likely to achieve STILLNESS and SILENCE if I can take a short walk this afternoon. So that is my goal. What are your goals for today? Whatever they are I wish you success and I wish you peace and joy.


Here are a few pics of my boys hiking with me on Monday.


Becky said... goal for today is still possible although its already 8:30 pm!!!

I want a few mins to myself after a long day taking care of my sick 2 yr old.
I want to sit down with my laptop,a cup of tea and everything has to be quiet.......
Well it may happen around 10 if the baby falls asleep...otherwise,i'll try again tomorrow!

I wish i can go on a hike!!
I'll have to look into that,your pics are so peaceful looking.

carrie*postma said...

you have motivated me to have my "quiet time"....I hope you had a good hike!

Anonymous said...

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