Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More pages with the wonderful SC "Partly Sunny" kit

I love this kit. I don't usually rave over a kit and rarely do I scrap a just the kit as it comes in the box. This "Partly Sunny" kit is a real exception and I have had a complete blast playing with it. the process of all my scrappin' I realized that lately I am totally obsessed with hidden journaling. For the longest time I really struggled to find a "place" for my journaling on the page. So often, it seemed like the journaling got in the way of the aesthetics of the layout. My journaling really suffered.  I always felt a little guilty when I didn't journal my heart out and write what was really on my heart and mind for fear of "messing up" the look of a layout. Recently, the solution became clear -- hide the journaling. You will notice on these two pages (and many others) that there is a little tab at the top of the page. That is my journaling card. I now create a little pocket on the back of the layout and stick a journaling card inside. This gives me the "freedom" to write whatever I want -- without any worries about placement.

So the question I have for do you journal?

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Lucy said...

Great LOs, love the banners at the bottom of the pages. Lu x