Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thickers, Gesso and Paint.....Oh MY!

What do you do with your left-over thickers? You know the "q," "z," and "v." 

In the two layouts that I created above, I took all of my mismatched letters and numbers and covered them in several layers of Gesso and paint.  One is one canvass board and the other on paper. 



BlessedinTexas said...

I hope we will hang out...let's get a night when we can scrap, have a glass of wine and skype...wanna?

Talk with you soon - my skype name is DianaWillis - let's do it!!

Have a blessed week,

*kim* said...

Love that idea Wendi!

Thanks for the great ideas you always put out there. Hope your weekend and summer has been GRAND!

Shell said...

wow! just beautiful!!! gal! great idea.

*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

Hey girl, it's been a minute since I've chatted with you lol We'll have to keep in touch. Hugs