Saturday, September 19, 2009

Feeling in the mood to scrap again!

Hey Yall! What's Up? It has been awhile but I am still breathing. We made a few changes around our home, starting with me taking over my boys' playroom. The folks that owned the home before us had two girls and transformed one of the spare rooms in a princess house. So we painted the pink princess room grey for our boys and moved in their trains, cars and legos. Well, over the last three years I have -- quite simply -- outgrown my scrap closet. I needed more space and the former "princess house" was the perfect room for me. SO I CLAIMED IT AS MY OWN. The boys have a new spot for their toys and I have my own studio/office. LOVE IT! So, come on in and take a look.

I found my table at Target (love them) and hubby found me the leather chair out the Pottery Barn outlet. Yes, the outlet is just 5 minutes from my home and very dangerous.

We have had the white shelving unit from IKEA for at least 4 years. It used to house the boys' toys and now it is home to all my craft goodies. YEA!
Initially, I was not sure how I was going to fit the sewing machine in the room but hubby found this white table/shelf at the CRATE AND BARREL outlet store. Yes, just minutes from the house. It was so perfect that it just had to come home with us.
Love my little painting corner and I confiscated the boys old white table. They use to eat on it in the kitchen but now they are both too big for it and it was stashed away in the storage room.
The little white sidetable was the last of our Pottery Barn outlet finds and it fits perfectly in that spot. I sooooo didn't buy everything at once but just kinda put the room together bit by bit over the last few months. I am happy with the end result and really enjoying having a room all to myself.

The space really is very conducive for creating scrapbook pages and painting. So much so, that I finally got myself together enough to create a video.
You can check me out creating the page on YOUTUBE. Below is the page that I created. And, guess what -- I had a blast creating the layout.

This is a pretty basic page but the clouds and the folded paper in a semi-circle add some visual interest. Let me know if you try a little paper folding and bending on a page. Hands down it is one of my "go to" techniques.

Well....I'm outta here for now! Love, hugs and peace!


McMGrad89 said...

Thanks for the peek into your great "new" room. I love it. Some day.... :-)

Annemarie (mommyvictory)

Brown English Muffin (aka Melanie) said...

I am totally in love with this room!! WOW!!!

Joy said...

Love your room! I just got a desk like that but it's black and I adore it. Maybe the creations out of my scraproom will be as nice as yours now.