Monday, June 14, 2010

A mini slam-book

Do you remember making slam books when you were in school? I sure do and, in fact, I saved a few. They are so cool to look at now. They bring back memories of the "good ole days," end of the school year bliss and the joys the childhood. I thought I would make one for my son -- but a lot cuter than the spiral notebook ones that I use to make. Basically I raided my scrap shoebox and used bits and pieces of paper. I kept it very simple and entitled it "3rd grade top ten." Inside I have several themes that the kiddies can respond favorite wii games, food, movies, songs, and t.v. shows.

So....give it a try and your son or daughter just might say "thanks rock."



BlessedinTexas said...

I don't remember those Wendi and now I am wondering why I don't know about these really cool books. I love this and how colorful it is and I hope you will come back to show us a page filled with with his favorites soon.

Happy Flag Day my friend,

Denise said...

This project totally rocks. the end.

MotorCityMystic said...

How cute is this!!!! I don't think I had one of these kinds of books in school, but it's a cool idea.