Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another scrapbooking technique tutorial

Today, I wanted to try to make a tutorial that is not sideways. HE HE HA HA!!!!!! This is a quick how-to on a ruffle technique that I frequently use on pages. Hope this is helpful -- Hugs!

(((((((You can also view this video on a bigger screen at YOUTUBE)))))))
And....just is another page that I created a few weeks ago. It, too, has a ruffle on it. This page also has another scrappy flower on it -- love it.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!


gleeful said...

Mahalo! your ruffles are adorable (and so are your sons.) I will be trying this soon.

Diane B. said...

i love that technique! thanks for the video!

Mahlin said...

Yay.. another video. I love it.. I want more more more! You´re just awesome and sooo beautiful!

Chris said...

Thanks for the video. I used your flower technique from yesterday for a page that I did today and posted to SIS (user name kalaiton).

*kim* said...

Great Video you hottie!!!! Love the ruffles.

Jann Gray said...

Lovin' me some RUFFLES! Wow girl...this was so much fun...

Here in Tennessee we have both HILLS and I can go with either one -- depending on what kind of ruffle we are making!

Appreciate you sharing...hugs!

Angie said...

dear pole dancer,

thank you for learnin' us how to make plateus and valleys.

hulhen ;D

metrochic said...

um, FABULOUS. i LOVE seeing you on video (especially facing the right direction - hee hee) so keep it up! also, i don't know why i hadn't bloglined you but it's done now so i can stop by more often. YAY!

deana said...

That is such a CUTE LO! :-)