Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We witnessed History -- We were there on Inauguration Day!!!!!!

We did it! America did it! I was so honored to be on the National Mall with MILLIONS of people and witness the inauguration of President Obama. It took us only minutes to get on the Mall. We took the Metro into the city from Virginia. Easy Peasy! We watched the Inauguration on the big screen -- cheered with all of the people -- and cried tears of joy! And, then it was time to go home. It took us FOUR (YES FOUR) hours to get out of the city. The boys were exhausted and cold. At one point they broke down crying because they were so cold but they pulled it together. In the end, I know it was an unforgettable day. One they will never forget. Despite the cold and the crowds people were polite and kind. I chatted with strangers in the crowds and everyone stayed in good spirit. What a day! What a wonderful day!

Now, I have a dilemma. I am actually intimidated by the significance of the day and not sure at the moment how I will scrapbook these images. I have yet to scrapbook Obama's Rally in Leesburg Virginia. I think it is kind of like my wedding photos that I have not scrapbooked. I THINK that I want to create a Obama album but that seems like a BIG task -- so I am not sure what I will do. I have also collected a lot of memorabilia and need to include it in the album. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Diana said...

WOW, I am so happy for you. What an amazing moment in our history, lifetime to witness first hand. I think for the first time in a very long time, our country felt a sense of pride and hope. I know for me it was a day I don't ever want to forget and to be able to watch the swearing in with Demi was priceless. I missed you and am glad you had a great trip to Hawaii but next time I need to go with ya. So are you back to school today?? Have a great day and we will talk soon. Diana

Rachel said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! I have tears in my eyes and envy in my heart ;) I am SO JEALOUS! How lucky were you and your family!!!! Your photographs are breathtaking!!! I am going to add you to my watch list.... I have to show your blog to my hubby later!
Thank you soooooooooooooo much for sharing this with us! And yes, we NOW live in the BEST country in the WORLD! God bless President Obama and his beautiful family!

Rachel said...

OK... I just read your little bio and see you are a history professor! WOW- what a day for you yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!

Pegasus said...

Love all your photos!! Wow - that metro was Packed!! :0)

metrochic said...

WOW. amazing. absolutely amazing.

Happay said...

I have chills just knowing that you were there and looking at your pictures. how totally thrilling. I had a discussion with a student today about the historical significance of yesterday. he claims to be an enthusiast of history but could not see how yesterday had much meaning beyond getting another president. I could not agree with him, I think it's totally freakin awesome and I'm so glad that I got to watch it live, I can not image just how awesome it would have been to be there. you have to scrap it. you really have to. but I understand not being able to decide how to do something because I've been doing the same with our election pictures! it's so overwhelming emotionally, maybe journal about the experience and just go with your thoughts to help you get this part of your personal history out. okay, geez, didn't mean to write a book...just so excited that you went.

Chris said...

I envy your being able to be there and see it all firsthand, My DH and I wept with joy as we watched it on television. We truly never thought that we would see this happen in our lifetimes. My son who is a history teacher was so thrilled also but he too said some of his students did not seem to appreciate the significance of the occasion. But, as I was thinking about it later, isn't that what we have been hoping for a long time, that race and sex are no longer issues in the hiring or electing of individuals? Again, I envy your being there, and regarding the scrapping, what about an album just devoted to the election and inauguration - or maybe two, one for each of your sons.

TanishaRenee said...

wow, great photos!

Natascha Curi said...
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Natascha Curi said...

So great to see my flag in your blog (BRASIL) and we also share the same hobby (SCRAP)
I love the way you scrap, your work is beautiful.
Very lucky of you to be there that day. GO OBAMA!
Natascha (