Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama Rally in Leesburg

It was amazing! I took the whole family to the Obama rally in Northern Virginia. We were four in a crowd of 35,000 people. The energy, the excitement, and all the beautiful people standing side-by-side was an incredible sight to behold. There was LOVE in the air -- a feeling of unity and inclusion that Obama spoke to in his presentation. People from all walks of life -- AMERICANS -- gathered together in my part of the United States to show their support for Barack Obama. The crowd was upbeat and positive and Obama's message 100% inspirational. I was proud. I was moved. I was empowered. My boys stood next to me yelling "Yes, we can" and I was humbled by the moment. I am sure my eldest will not forget today and I am certain that I will not.

and Love to all

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