Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pick your own

This summer and fall I have enjoyed picking blackberries, peaches and apples with the boys. I love that in this area we have so many opportunities to "pick our own" produce at local farms (not to mention all of the great vineyards in the area.) The last few trips to a farm we have enjoyed visiting Crooked Run Orchard in Purcellville, Virginia. We picked blackberries and peaches with my mom when she visited us from Atlanta, Georgia. It was wonderful to create such beautiful memories with the boys and their nana.

Just two weeks ago, we went back to Crooked Run Orchard to pick apples with some of our friends. The kids had a great afternoon and, of course, big brother just had to climb an apple tree.

Here is one page I created to celebrate "picking our own."

Be well friends and get out there and "pick your own."


Jann Gray said...

How did I miss this layout! Wow -- love the 'homespun' feel of this page -- totally perfect for "picking your own" -- how wonderful to be able to create those kinds of memories with your kiddos. Looks like fun...and I bet every bite tasted wonderful!

Carrie Postma said...

Great pictures! Makes me want to head to an orchard.
Have you been getting my e-mails?