Sunday, October 14, 2007

3 things that I enjoyed this weekend

Tonight as I sit in bed (next to my snoring husband) and reflect on my weekend I know that the things I enjoyed the most -- were the simple things. We didn't do anything special. We rose early on Saturday morning and went to big brother's flag football game, we went home and sold a few things in our community yard sale, I went to a girlfriend's house for a few hours while daddy took the boys "geocaching" and then we spent the evening at home. And, of course, I got in a few hours of scrapbooking. Sunday was low-key and we had a few friends over the house. short list of things I enjoyed this weekend are very simple.
1. I enjoyed sitting in my kitchen, with the windows open, and listening to the peaceful sounds of my fountain.

2. I enjoyed taking a walk and admiring the beauty of autumn.

3. I enjoyed taking pictures of my boys playing with their friends.

What did you enjoy doing this weekend? Now go get your paper and scrap it.

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