Thursday, October 11, 2007

My man folds clothes

My dear hubby folds clothes. And, that is only one of the many many reasons why I love him. Let's see....
1. He fills up my gas tank on Sundays.
2. He cleans my car (He hates the juice boxes, snack bags, toys that litter the back seat).
3. He gives both boys a hair cut (to keep them cute and adorable, of course).
4. He watches (any version) of Law and Order with me. (It is the perfect compromise between sports and HGTV).
5. He doesn't care when or how long I hang out with my girls.
6. He calls me for lunch in the middle of day.
7. He can make me swoon when we dance to any of Robin Thicke's songs.
8. He still loves a fierce debate with me after watching the Sunday news shows.
9. He gives a mean massage
10. He is passionate about community service.

Wow...that wasn't hard at all. So, think about it, why do you love your sweetie? Now, go give 'em a call.


*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

Hey girl! Thanks for checking out my blog.. Cool. I'm glad I finally found a Sisth, that scraps like me lol.


Grrrrr...what a man!!! It's nice to hear about what men do for their wives. I'll have to make a list like that. Great layouts you've got here!!

Jan[n] said... that list!

Didn't know you love Law and Order too>!>!> Me and my honey use it as a compromise too -- (I make him THINK I am compromising -- but I really LOVE it) -- and we watch the Sunday news shows and have great fun debating -- although we don't always make it to the end of the program before the debate begins! ha!