Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Create Love Notes

The journaling: Because I am your mother I find more things in life to smile about. Miles, your smiles inspire me. They are full of such energy, hope and carefree happiness. I love watching a smile dawn on your face -- it rises in your eyes and spills over into your cheeks. How can a mother thank her son for his smiles?

The journaling: Miles, what really amazes me is your ability to find joy in all that you do. No matter where you always jump give it 100%. I love that about you and hope it is a quality that you keep.

The journaling: Langston, because I am your mother I enjoy your sloppy wet kisses. I never imagined that even the second time around I would find such joy in wet baby kisses. It makes me kinda sad to see you grow up. I know that you will always love me, but the wet kisses will not last forever. Perhaps the best part of kissing you -- is that when I look into your eyes I see love, I see the best part of who I am, and I am humbled...I am moved.

Since my Mojo has taken leave lately I thought I would share something I created this summer. I made this mini-album as a compilation of love notes to my sons. It is freestyle and yet I love all the emotion that is bare and transparent in my journaling. Create "love notes" for someone you love -- it will be a {he}art project both of you will treasure.


Vee said...

beautiful mini! :)

Jan[n] said... the transparency of your journaling....what a treasure your boys will have....when they go through the "tough times" that life brings to every person -- they will only have to read your "love notes" to them to be reminded of the strong foundation they are able to stand on to withstand those hard times.

Thanks so much for sharing -- you continually inspire me to "put more of myself" on my pages.