Tuesday, October 9, 2007

You can make your own stamps

I found PJ's blog on how to make stamps -- and, wow, what a treat! It is a beautiful thing when sister scrappers open their method tool box and share with others. This is a great one!

I used PJ's stamp making technique to create two different stamps. I created a bird and stamped on a music sheet for the "Food feeds the soul" layout and I created star-wings and stamped on a transparency for the "DIVA FIERCE" layout. This was super easy -- so give it a try.

Visit PJ's blog to learn how to create your own custom made stamps -- HERE


Vee said...

very cool!! thanks for the love :)

Jennifer said...

found your blog through sis and i just wanted to tell you that i love your playlist...yummyness for my ears! made me happy today!!!

Jan[n] said...

oh wow...GREAT gonna have to show that to my girls here in Nashville! Thanks for the link!

PJ said...

Ah, I'm happy to see it worked out very well! Glad you like the technique!