Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What do you do with your less than perfect photos?

I love this photograph of me and my boys, but my baby boy is not looking at the camera. In the past, I have cropped the baby out and used just the image of me and my eldest. But, that bothered me. I hated taking the baby out. So, I decided to create a page that acknowledged the imperfection of the photo. And...isn't that the way life is? Kids will not (do not) freeze and smile so that we can take the perfect photograph and create the perfect scrapbook page. The truth is that we need to "be o.k." with the imperfect photographs. If we can accept the imperfections, we can capture our life, our kids, our families, just as they are. We can capture the IMPERFECTLY perfect. I want you to pull that blurry photo out of the box. Grab that holiday photo with the kids not looking at the camera -- and scrap it.


Vee said...

i can so relate, my dd used to never look at the camera. your son has your pretty smile too! :)

Diana said...

I love this post, it is so true-
Always looking for the perfect photo, perfect smile,perfect look-
Everyone is perfect in their own unique way.

Love it!!
SIS Hugs-