Monday, October 15, 2007

When your own words are not enough.....

Sometimes I need a little help journaling and a song is the perfect solution. On this page I have used several verses from Mary J. Blige's song "Take me as I am."

The journaling reads "Now she's older now, she's wiser now. Can't disguise her now. She don't need no one tellin' her what to do and say. No one telling' her who to be. She's on solid ground She's been lost and found. Now, she answers to G-O-D. And she's confident this is not the end. Ask me how I know...cause she is me." The lyrics really seemed to fit my mood and the cut up photograph of me.

So I challenge you to find a song that speaks to your heart and your spirit and use it on a page.


Lillsisslill said...

Thank you for your sweet and kind words! :)

Your work is just ab fab!
In love with your "Take me as I am" LO!

I love that you work is so colourful and the pictures always looks really great!

WTG SISter!!!

Take care

Jennifer said...

wow! your work is amazing!!! this new layout is fan-freakin-tastic!!! wow!!! soooo pretty!!!

Heather said...

Beautiful layout. Love the use of lyrics.

Christine Rockwell said...

I LOVE your page! I think the idea of using a song to express your thoughts on a page is a great idea. Especially when that song really means something to you. I would like to do that I think when I {re}scrap my wedding photos. On my blog I post some of my scrap pages, usually on Mondays. I call it Masterpiece Monday, you should come check it out some time, you'd fit right in! :-D

Rebecca said...

Chriss told me about your blog. I love your page. I also like using songs for journaling and/or part of it. I've done one spread with it so far & have some other songs I want to use too. You can see my first one here:

dana said...

Loving this layout!!!!! so perfect! I tagged you (check my blog) :) and man, i love that Mary song--it gives me chills when I hear it. I don;t know why that has become like my anthem. Just loved reading the words too!

Noelia said...

Very cool page! Love the deconstructed picture of yourself! Awesome song lyrics too.

Renee said...

Great layout. I love how you have done the picture.