Friday, October 19, 2007

You must get XM radio!

You must get XM radio so that you can listen to XM 156 which is Oprah's station. I love to listen to Oprah's "Soul Series" -- I find it so uplifting and inspiring. I also love to listen to Dr. Maya Angelou. Anybody else out there listen to XM 156? Who is your favorite host? Do you ever find that you have arrived at your destination but can not get out of the car? Tell me all about it.


leslie said...

hello, found you thru SIS. I totally looooove XM! I'm always on the comedy channels.

Mye said...

You're goint to love XM! Make sure you check out the Flow, forgot they took that one off the radio, but you can check it out online. I listen to it while I'm at work.

scrappermimi said...

I don't have XM but I do love Oprah, she totally connects with us real people.

I love your soulful doodle LO, just great!

charlotte said...

Hi! I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I've been looking at your blog. Great layouts you create!! ´
I came via the Chit Chat challenges. It sounds so interesting.

... and Oprah!! Ohhh! I also LOVE her! :-)

Noelia said...

How cool! Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna see if I can listen to this station online.
Love me some Oprah and Angelou :)